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Bringing Out The Story In Us All

Unlabeled Digital Media (UDM) is a full service media and live event production company with a simple mission: Empower the social justice community by sharing with the world the powerful stories of those with systems connected backgrounds. Do so in their own voice, and employ those we serve in the process.  

Everyone has a story, and they are all worth telling.  Those with systems connected backgrounds often have the most inspiring and courageous narratives.  Stories so powerful that they can oftentimes impel social change if they are simply told in a competent manner to a wide-reaching audience.

The non-profit community, and advocacy groups often use these stories to promote social good.  Unfortunately, many smaller groups can't afford a communications director, much less a media department.  That’s where we come in.

UDM serves as the communication and media department for those groups who have a powerful message but can't afford their own in-house communications and production staff.  We consult on the campaign, develop the project, manage the event, and deliver the content necessary to competently communicate their message.  We do this by using industry professionals in conjunction with those men and women from systems impacted communities.

People with systems impacted backgrounds have been labeled in a thousand different ways by hundreds of competing interests... And neither the label nor the interest is their own.  We at UDM believe that the secret to becoming UnLabeled is to stop telling the story for those who lived it, and instead empower them to tell their own, authentic story.  In so doing, people can shed the label they were given and go on changing the world. 

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