UnLabeled Digital Media
UnLabeled Digital Media

Who is UnLabeled?

Based out of Los Angeles, California 

UnLabeled Digital Media is made up of creative professionals that are as dedicated to social justice as they are about creating impactful media. Although our crew is only a tiny portion of the UnLabeled community, our partners run the gambit from foundations and non-profits, to independent contractors and content creators, from industry professionals to dedicated patrons. 


Why do we do what we do?

History has shown that storytelling is a critical part of any movement for change. Therefore, those who control the narrative also control the direction of change based on how the public perceives the narrative. Hollywood often portrays a false narrative that becomes the commonly accepted truth. For example; when Hollywood makes a movie about soldiers, they hire soldiers to keep the story authentic. When they tell a story about firefighters, they hire firefighters. BUT when they tell the stories about the currently or formerly incarcerated, foster youth, or anyone who has been negatively impacted by a governmental system, they often hire police officers. There is a reason why movies about those with systems connected backgrounds are so one-sided...  We are looking to change that.


Our job here at UDM is to give a voice to those who have had theirs taken away with false narratives. We believe everyone has a story worth tellijng and those with systems connected backgrounds often have the most inspiring and courageous narratives. These powerful stories will move hearts around the world. We are here to show you these untold stories. We are here to make a difference. Now all you have to do, is listen. 


How does it work?

UDM serves as the communication and media department for those with powerful messages but cannot afford their own communicator and production staff. 

-We consult on the campaign

-Develop the project

-Manage the event

-Deliver the content necessary to communicate their message. 


We do this by bringing in industry professionals in conjunction with men and women from systems impacted communities. This helps break stereotypes and gives the people in these communities a chance to tell THEIR story. At UDM we believe that the secret to becoming UNlabeled is to stop telling the story FOR those who lived it, and instead empower them to tell their own, authentic story. In doing so, people can shed the label they were given and continue to make lasting impacts on the world. 

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