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Meet The Crew

Our core team is made up of passionate individuals who strive to make a difference in the social justice community along with making media. Butthis is only a fraction of our community-  Most of UDM is made up of up and comming men and women making their way in the entertainment industry. Those listed below are simply the voices you are likely to chat with on your first call-  The real team are the ones who will bring your project home.

Ryan Lo

Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Consultant


Ryan is a Soros Justice Fellow who developed UnLabeled Digital Media to serve the needs of the systems impacted community. Ryan's experience in community lends him a unique perspective and a passion that he brings to every campagin.

Rhianna Hill

Executive Assistant/Post-Production


Rhianna's youth belies her experience.  Her passion for storytelling is driven by her life experience and she is a shining example of what it means to be UnLabeled.

Chip Warren






Decades of experience and dozens of projects have sharpened Chip's professional eye but it was the work itself that ignited his fire for the community.  Chips has developed and led a diverse array of films, campagains, and projects over the years and is always ready to sink his formadable skills into the next challenge.


Jason Waguespack

Key Grip/ Gaffer


Jason lives every day UnLabeled.  As an experienced grip and gaffer, Jason is an integral part of the team on every production, but it is his personal story which makes him invauable.

Art Gonzalez

Locations Manager/ Consultant


A graduate of Manifest Works, and a veteran of the Television and Commercial world.  Artie's UnLabeled life is an example for us all.

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