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The non-profit world has amazing people doing phenomenal work, but they are terrible at talking about it.  The work of those in the non-profit space regularly intersects with some of the most powerful stories of personal growth, systemic inequity, tragedy and triumph that any of us have ever heard, yet most folks can only name a handful of NGOs, and they financially contribute to even fewer.  The are many reasons for this communication gap, but the basic truth is most non-profits cannot afford a communications director, much less a competent media campagin, and those that can often lack the expertise to perform at a professional level.

History has shown us that story telling is a critical part of any movement for change.  Those who control the narrative - control the direction of the change.  Hollywood often portrays a false narrative that becomes the commonly accepted truth.  When Hollywood makes a movie about soldiers, they hire soldiers to keep the feel of it authentic - when they tell a story about firefighters, they hire firefighters - but when they tell a story about the currently/formerly incarcerated, foster youth, or anyone who has been negatively impacted by a governmental system, they typically hire police...  Is it any wonder why the tone of such films is one that paints the systems impacted as predatory, or "less" than those without systems impacted backgrounds?

Enter UnLabeled Digital Media.  We provide a full range of professional media services, including single source (production in a box) services for your media needs- and we work within your budget.  We do so while employing members of the systems impacted communities in mission critical roles.  Too often systems impacted persons are employed as tokens or in the lowest skilled/paid positions - Not so at UDM.  We train and employ from the community at every level and, by contract, 60% of every dollar generated by UDM must go to someone with a systems impacted background. 

At a recent event we had over 100 years of prison experience live broadcasting John Legend and the Black Eyed Peas! proof positive that those with systems impacted backgrounds can perform at a professional level in this space, if given the opportunity, and access.

UnLabeled Digital Media will uplift the voices of the directly impacted, while serving all of your media needs.  Together we can tell stories that matter and drivc the change to a safer, more equitable world for us all.

What Do We Offer?



  • Message development
  • Media deployment strategy
  • Branding and positioning
  • Graphic design & content creation

Media Production:

  • Creative consultation
  • Casting
  • Project management
  • Physical production
  • Post-production services
  • Deployment

Live Events:

  • Event planning
  • Event promotion
  • Talent Coordination
  • Event Production
  • Pre-event media production
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Post-production services


  • Messaging
  • Creative
  • Graphic design & content creation
  • Authenticity consulting services for films involving: foster care, crime, gangs, incarceration, reentry, and restorative justice.


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